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Certain conditions apply to the release of doves. The following is a general overview of the conditions. Terms for the individual release will be clearly stated in writing when the release is contracted.

General Terms of Dove Release

Bencal Loft is committed to making dove releases a memorable event for all occasions. We guarantee our releases are coordinated by knowledgeable staff.

We only release well trained birds outdoors during daylight hours at distances that they can safely return to their loft before sunset.

We arrive at the release site 30 minutes prior to the time of the event to begin our set up.

We dress in appropriate clothing for the event.

Our birds are identified with bands issued by, and registered with, the American Racing Pigeon Union.

The safety and well-being of our birds must be considered and preserved at all times.

We no not ship birds for self-release.

Release Times
Doves may be released any day of the week from sunrise to late afternoon at times that allow them to safely return to their loft by sunset. Bencal Loft determines the latest time in which doves may be released and such time will be stated on the contract.

Inclement Weather
Certain weather conditions make it is unsafe to release doves. These conditions may include, but are not limited to rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, extreme heat or cold, fog and snow. During such conditions, birds cannot be released. Bencal Loft determines whether dove releases must be cancelled do to inclement weather.

Bookings and Payment
Dove releases are booked when Bencal Loft receives the signed contract and 50% down payment.
Payment is to be made by check or money order to Bencal Loft.
Distance charges may apply for releases contracted beyond 50 miles of Bencal Loft.
Balance of payment is due two weeks before event date.
Bookings made within two weeks of an event require payment in full at booking.

Bencal Loft, at its sole discretion, may cancel a release.
Events that may lead to a cancellation include, but are not limited to, inclement weather, release delays, Acts of God, accidents resulting in loss of stock, stock flight worthiness, or inability of staff to appear at release site.

Should inclement weather be pending, Bencal Loft will make every attempt to contact client before leaving loft to discuss options available.

Refund Policy Related to Cancellations
Deposits and booking fees are not refundable except for the following conditions.

A full refund will be issued if Bencal Loft cancels a release prior to leaving the loft for the event.

A refund of the contracted amount paid, minus a $50.00 service charge and minus any distance charges to cover travel time and expenses for releases, will be issued if Bencal Loft cancels a release due to inclement weather conditions after Bencal Loft has arrived at the release site.

Delays and Refund Policy Resulting from Delays
If Bencal Loft is at the release site with the doves and the release has been delayed due to conditions not within Bencal Loft's control and is not weather related, but is due to the actual event itself, its sponsors, staff, agents or event participants, Bencal Loft reserves the right to cancel the release and deny a refund or charge $25.00 for each additional 30 minute interval.

Refunds will be mailed within 30 days of the contracted event.

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